MARIANA PARMA, is an acclaimed performer, instructor, and choreographer, featured on stage, tv and film, specializing in Argentine Tango and Salsa. She is recognized for her passion and versatility in dance, combining her dance technique with her acting skills, which results in a breathtaking and sensational performance.  Mariana Parma's theater credits include, Tango Fever, (as the Lead Ana), Evita,(Featured Tango Dancer), Swing, the musical, (Featured Latin Track), Swango,(co-producer), Tango Por Ellos, Tango Connection, Romulo Larrea's Tango 1st Century, Roxanna's Tango, Glamour Tango,(Choreographer/Dancer) and numerous Tango and theater productions throughout her career.

As a choreographer, Mariana Parma, has choreographed a major Parle commercial in Mumbai, India, starring Bollywood star Roshan Hrithik. She taught and choreographed Chita Rivera in tango, for her role in Venecia, directed by the late award winning American Playwright, Author Laurents. Glamour Tango, the first all women's Tango show in NYC, created by Polly Ferman and has assisted Broadway choreographers on original musicals. Mariana Parma is the recipient of the 2013 Hola Award for Outstanding Achievement for Choreography for the production "Tango Fever".  Mariana Parma has coached the legendary Tommy Tune in Tango, and continues to coach major choreographers in this dance style.

She is also the 2008, USA Tango Champion, in Tango Salon, and a Semi- Finalist in the Mundial de Baile de Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Mariana Parma, currently teaches in NYC and abroad.

Omar Lagos is one of the most sensitive and stylish salon dancers in the New York Argentine Tango scene. He was the 2008, “USA Tango Salon Champion” and semifinalist in the “Mundial de Tango” competition, in Buenos Aires, Argentina along with partner Mariana Parma.

 Omar Lagos, believes what makes a great tango dancer is the embrace, elegance in the walk and musicality. These are the fine traits that defines his dance and teaching methods, which makes him a sought-after instructor and Argentine Tango dancer.


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Argentine Tango
Argentine Tango